Bad poetry


my love for

you withers like

leaves on the trees, feelings

futile like that


kiss hopelessly

helpless falling but not

for you, droplets

on my cheeks as

the weather mocks something

in me grows no

doubt no love no

time to think just you and i and

the past time




Bad poetry

she stares at skies- stars soaring swiftly so startingly sweetly it stays
years in my memoirs
seeing her sleep soothes my sore lips from smiling so so much so so long
and I’m starstruck and I’m awestruck and I’m not seeing straight
she smokes something sweet so solid like sweat severely stupefying me
still such something doesn’t stop me from scratching sinking into her side
sloping slanting kissing every recess
in my embrace she feels safe and sound safe and sound
I trace the sleek sleeve of her silk dress never cease never pause
and she smiles sneakily into my lips
and then sings sets of words syllables sounds
so softly smoothly sugary suave i shall get sick
but I’m not sorry

Bad poetry

Fragile creature with doll-like features
But never touched never felt the cracks that sit on that glass
( Full of letters like pages of lost journals)
She wishes she were tough on the outside with thick skin and balled up fists
The way the others tell her she is-
A flawless creature with fierce features; a force of nature.
But how could she be like fire
when she breaks when embraced by the flames
And sings a song so dire
no lead soldier would dare for a kiss or a stare
Not one soldier comes
Not one soldier crawls
Not one soldier runs
Not one soldier buys
her roses and savours her name spelling each syllable so so sweetly it becomes honey for her ears and spills a heat to her inside that melts her heart and gives it a beat that beats in rhythm to his own like a litany to the saints in prayer that they don’t burn away the next day
This- she wants to scream- is what it means to be the raison d’être they call upon all page long each letter heavy when they write these love poems dreamily
This is what she seeks and is scarred by- the heat that haunts but won’t build that burns wild but doesn’t warm anyone quite
That leaves her cold in a ball in the flame in the blue with no noise with no saying with no praying and an ice that freezes her in a stance with a smile made from porcelain

Bad poetry

I always thought it a threat

You told me not to fret

But I longed and longed and longed

For God Knows What.

All but my craving disappeared, wronged.

Left me staring at a wall.


My downfall.

Thankful, nonetheless.

It was not a fret.

Should have listened-

Not fret.

Now I only regret.

Group 4 Project – how it all went down and what future students need to know

We’ve been hearing about Group 4 Project fairly often since the start of the year and we officialy bagan the project on the 27th of October 2017, when the first meeting was held. The project’s coordinators, our Biology teachers, introduced us to this year’s theme – FITNESS, and even though not everyone liked it and different propositions were considered, we ultimately decided on the original idea, as it seemed it was fairly easy to come up with an appropriate experiment in this topic  in every Group 4 subject, which couldn’t have been said about the others. After settling on the theme, we chose coordinators among our classmates for each subject as well as the whole of the project, and we gathered in groups of three to four people and thought of potential experiments we could carry out. We were given a set of deadlines and the first one was the middle of December, when we were meant to send our research questions and procedures. Here are some tips for this stage of G4P:

  1. Have at least one person who knows what they’re doing in your group. Trust me, it will come in handy.
  2. Only become a coordinator if you’re motivated enough to remind everyone approximately 3453 times about all the deadlines we missed.
  3. Talk to other groups. If I didn’t overhear one group’s conversation, we’d have two experiments investigating the same thing.
  4. Don’t make your experiments too time-consuming and complicated – G4P is merely supposed to be passed, it’s not graded like IAs.
5. Read IBO’s ethical guidelines. Make sure you don’t harm any animals or use people’s bodily fluids early on. You don’t want to make up a new experiment a week before the deadline.

We were advised multiple times to start our experiments ASAP, but as you may suspect, procrastination took over and some of us were finalising everything weeks after what was supposed to be the official deadline.

A tip for this stage: Get to it ASAP. Honestly. If you wake up too late, possible problems may include:

  1. All the PE teachers already having planned all their lessons weeks in advance,
  2. The PE teachers being annoyed you’re the 34th group who wants to test their students this month,
  3. Your teachers being annoyed with you if you don’t attend their class to do the experiments, because their class is the only time you can all meet up,
  4. There’s  also a 2% chance the teachers won’t wait for you and fail you if you miss the deadline, resulting in your science IAs not being graded. The chance is small, because even though the coordinators threatened us constantly, they never followed them up with them, even if the deadline was missed by weeks. Better safe than sorry though!


After the analyses of all experiments have been sent, we started preparing for the final presentation. Everyone was reluctant to do anything about it, ‘cause we all had more important things to write than a script for some presentation, but ultimately the script was prepared, various other tasks, like preparing the scenography, were assigned, and we were able to start rehearsals days before the presentation.

Tips for this  stage:

  1. When the list of things needed to be done and organised is published, quickly pick something you are capable of doing. Chances are they’ll want to engage everyone in some way and you’ll end up disappointing everyone with your complete lack of manual skills and artistic imagination.
  2. Cooperate with everyone. The sooner everything is perfected (or at least reaches a bearable level), the better!

The presentation was rehearsed, scenography made, invitations sent out, and finally, after seven (ha sit really been that long?) months of intense work came the 23rd of May, the day of G4P Olympics, hosted by our beloved high school!

Representants of four countries – Kingdom of Biology, Republic of Physics, Federation of Chemistry and Democratic People’s Republic of Computer Science – gathered together to compete for gold medals and get interviewed by two  enthusiastic commentators, which is a fancy cover-up of a simple presentation of what each group did for their experiment and what were their results.

Some final tips:

  1. Make sure to remember when to come on stage and not wander off before your presentation.
  2. Ignore the audience (it IS easy) and have fun with your role.
  3. Don’t worry if you stutter or forget what to say for a second, it’s really nothing.
  4. Make sure you remember everyone’s names if you have to thank the teachers.

And, just like that, G4P is over and we can focus on other, scarier things.


Bad poetry



a good cry

in moonlight

is like a dream catcher.

just imagine

the stream on your cheeks

and the silver in your irises

as the moon rises.

the glow on your nose

and how the air flows.


you feel the peace around your neck

restraining though freeing

and slowly disappearing

as you flick the golden speck

off your shoulders and observe

the fairy fly around the curve


and your heart follows but your eyes don’t.


sleep as hard as you want.



really bad poetry

golden leaves have fallen under my feet

dead beauty reminds me of your voice

the pressed flowers are still in my notes

and the notes still tell of us

of the past


the birds no longer sing gleeful tunes

the sky has long been grey

there’re only skeletons on my pathway

and naked trees above my head

you don’t shine no more


the sun is hidden behind the clouds

clouds have frozen in the puddles

as has your heart


and it’s all a before

until spring comes and i’m embraced by her greens